Excellent day at Compass Jobs Fair which exists to help support and develop the social work and social care workforce.

I had the opportunity to talk to a lot of fascinating people with inspiring stories, I have included their interviews to share with you:


1 – Russell Smith the Director of CarePair which provides a service to match carers with users. He also runs Dad In A Shed which develops the latest accessibility accessories and disability aid, entertainment and technology products.

2 – Charlotte Quinney who is soon to complete her MSW and Mat Bennett soon to complete his BA share their thoughts on their aspirations for their careers in social work.

3 – Alex Sylverster the Associate Director of Affinity Workforce a new recruitment agency for social workers explains the role of his company for social workers.

4 – Sarah Hammond the Assistant Director of Special Children’s Services for Kent County Council discusses the experiences of social work as a whole at Kent County Council.

5 – Mark Pearson the Managing Director of Compass. He discusses the Compass Jobs Fair, social work and the job market.


Secondly I include a BBC Leicester interview where we were discussing the important role of World Social Work Day.


Thank you to all my guests on the Social World Podcast. If you would like to appear on the podcast do get in touch at media@socialworldpodcast.com or leave a SpeakePipe message on the website.

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