Faye Dicker of Freelance Bristol Mum and I discuss some of the headlines that have made the papers this week. Included are the risks and effects of older fathers, pushy parenting, drinking alcohol during pregnancy and obesity on the lives of children. These topics raise a lot of debate and differences of opinion, do you agree with our responses to the stories?

Faye Dicker was a BBC Radio Bristol presenter but since having her daughter Jemima changed career path into freelance work. Since then she has set up ‘Freelance Bristol Mum’ to help network busy mums working from home.

Secondly it was the 2 year anniversary of Daniel Pelka’s death this week and so I had been invited to give many radio interviews on the subject. I have included my interview with Coventry and Worcester where I discuss the impacts and progression the case has had on social work and social workers.


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