Stalking in the UK

Deona Hooper informs me of Social Work Helper and its role in aiding social workers to be represented more fairly in the media.

I discuss stalking, it’s impact and training for police, social workers, medics and teachers as well as the voluntary sector. Stalking became a criminal offence in England and Wales on the 25th November 2012. About 1 in 25 women under 60 are victims of stalking every year according to the Home Office. Stalking is closely related to domestic violence and abuse. The most common stalkers are male partners or ex partners. 3 quarters of women killed by a violent partner or ex-partner were stalked on the lead up to their death, and on average a victim will experience 100 incidents of stalking before reporting it to the police. The devastation of individuals and the damage to their life and their family. I raise awareness of the problem and talk about the David Niven Associates’ Training programme.

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