053 BASPCAN Congress interview...

Apr 21, 2015 by

John Devaney MBE, Director of Social Work Education at Queens University , Belfast who Chaired the Congress gives his thoughts on the success of the event. Then, to follow, Sue Berelowitz, the Deputy Children’s Commissioner for England, talks about new initiatives and improved chances to hear the voice of the child.

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052 Child Trafficking & M...

Apr 10, 2015 by

Bharti’s passion to challenge the root causes of child exploitation and abuse underpins her leadership role with ECPAT UK, where she has overseen important changes to law and policy in the area of child protection and trafficking prevention.

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Sex offending legislation

Dec 19, 2014 by

A couple of years ago, I made a Freedom of Information request asking how many British men had been prosecuted under this legislation since its inception 17 years ago

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020 Parenting news stories; Da...

Mar 7, 2014 by

Faye Dicker of Freelance Bristol Mum and I discuss some of the headlines that have made the papers this week. Included are the risks...

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005 Faith based child abuse, B...

Nov 14, 2013 by

Faith based child abuse, Bullying  & Media Training I share thoughts on child abuse in relation to faith and belief. I also cover...

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Representation of Children

Oct 21, 2013 by

Children in the Media Today I’ll discuss the representation of children in the media and the confusion, misunderstandings and...

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Social work and the media

Sep 20, 2013 by

Social work and the media One of the things that I offer through David Niven Associates is media training, both basic creation of a...

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