What are Facebook playing at?

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Facebook allows explicit content

Facebook allows explicit content

Facebook allows explicit content


You’d think that with a company that size, when they make decisions, they would partly be made for a good reason, partly be to please the customers and partly not to drive people away. So when they decided to allow videos of executions and extreme violence back into  the Facebook family you could understand that this was something to get upset about if, like me, you didn’t think it was a good idea.

However, in their wisdom, Facebook within the day or so seems to have decided that a caveat should be attached to these videos saying that Facebook will never knowingly allow anything that celebrates violence, explicit content or shows violent scenes just for entertainment. Therefore, in my mind, that leaves Facebook adopting a position that there are obviously different levels of executions able to be shown. Now, I heard yesterday that they removed a video following their relaxation of content rules that showed a woman being beheaded. Seems reasonable to me that it was removed. Perhaps they would have allowed it if she’d just had her hands tastefully chopped off… or perhaps hung if there was no blood being seen…

Given that we now know (as shown in my previous blog) through various recent surveys and statistical evidence that’s been around for some time, that young children in high numbers have Facebook accounts and parental control is mixed at best. Therefore all the content on Facebook is accessible to either a clever 9 year old pretending to be much older, or just to a clever 9 year old being themselves. Also, the fact that there are 80 million Facebook accounts that they don’t seem to know how to deal with, gives very little reassurance to those of us concerned with the impact of violence or explicit sexual behaviour on young children. Can’t we just have a situation where an extremely large and profitable organisation doesn’t have to encourage the viewing of damaging content to 9 year old voyeurs who, in turn, may well turn into the dysfunctional parents of tomorrow?

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