Empowering Social Workers

Course Aims  

Overall: to remind social workers of their important place in the social care landscape and reinforce commitment.

  • To look again at their reasons for taking up social work as well as examining the history of the profession.
  • To examine the position of social workers in a multi-professional environment.
  • To look at the issue of respect from the community and other professionals and the way information is shared
  • To examine how the image of social work is reflected in the media and how to improve it at a local level.
  • To restate the essential requirements of professional supervision looking at workload, developmental and emotional needs.
  • To revisit National Occupational Standards


Course Objectives

  • To balance the above challenges while maintaining job satisfaction.
  • To have strategies that maintains the social worker as an independent professional within a corporate environment.
  • To reinforce social work values and its code of ethics.
  • To find ways of getting stories of achievement and good news to the local media, helping balance community perceptions.
  • To be clearer about what should be reasonably expected to support their work and to strengthen self-belief.



  • “We enjoyed the excellent training; it was thought provoking and helped re-focus on professional strengths.” Social Worker – North Somerset


Full course list

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