Communications Coaching

For small to medium size businesses leads are vital.

Developing communications, be it through the media, social media, e-comms, your website and other forms, are the lifeline for leads, but they are a daunting task.

Through a bespoke service designed specifically for you, we can develop your communications by incorporating elements from our different courses – media training, social media development, podcasting coaching and web development.


Media training

We use the expertise of those frequently in the media to help you to develop confidence promoting yourself, your product and your message.

Helping you to plan for a crisis, coaching on press release development, interviewee techniques.


Social media

Social media is everywhere, it is fast becoming the main source of information for users. Be part of the discussions and watch your website hits increase, leading to business promotion and leads.

Within this we can aid with podcasting – a new form of information sharing which gives you a global audience and conference sized audiences within weeks.


Web development and e-comms

Your website is your shop front, with a poor shop front you lose custom instantly. We can help you to develop your website, improve its search engine optimization to enable you to be found by potential customers more easily and develop information sharing – especially through newsletters and blogs.


All of the above techniques may be required by you in differing quantities compared to others. Therefore we can consult with you – for free – to design a package to your needs. Ranging from one half day session to as much as you require.


Get in touch today on or 0845 833 0859

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