073 Bradford interviews Chair of Adult Safeguarding

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073 Bradford interviews   Chair of Adult Safeguarding

Jonathan Phillips is a qualified social worker. For many years he worked in social services in a number of frontline, training and management roles. He then moved to the voluntary sector as a Director with National Deaf Children’s Society. An interest in Deaf people comes from his daughter who is Deaf ( and now so is her partner and one of her children). He then worked for the social services inspectorate and moved to the Commission for Social Care Inspection when it was set up as a National Director. His final job before retirement was director of Adult Social Services at Calderdale. Since retiring 5 years ago he has chaired 2 safeguarding adults boards and provided other consultancy services. Jonathan is very interested in disability rights and is a strong believer in people’s rights to choose their own lifestyle and social  workers responsibility to support them when ever possible.


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